iGDP Policy Mapping Tool

iGDP Policy Mapping Tool (http://www.cepm.igdp.cn) is visual guide to China’s low-carbon development.

The tool is a database and interactive platform to track, synthesize and compare low-carbon development policies and actions across regions and cities in China. By identifying publicly-available key policies and performance indicators on low-carbon development, the tool will promote best practices and learning-by-doing. It has identified 77 indicators and 46 sub-categories under 10 major categories to track efforts and progress on low-carbon development. They reflect a holistic low-carbon policy framework perspective.

More specifically, The aim of the Policy Mapping Tool is to serve as an information-sharing and knowledge hub for synthesized facts and figures about low-carbon initiatives at regional levels in China, including policies, targets, measures, and their progress in cities and provinces.

The Goals to achieve include:

  • Inform users about China’s international commitments and domestic measures for Climate Change;
  • Provide users with quantitative and qualitative information on low-carbon pilot cities and provinces, with a focus on their responsive actions to Climate Change;
  • Users being able to compare different levels of initiatives among regions and recognize best practices in China, as well as to compare China with other world benchmarks.
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