The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP)

The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) was formed in 2016 around a simple principle—Climate and socioeconomic data should be accessible and usable for everyone. PREP is a partnership of leading research institutions, government agencies, adaptation practitioners, and technology companies, working to empower communities and businesses around the world to build resilience to climate change by improving access to data, creating best-in-class tools, and helping people navigate the complicated resilience planning landscape.

PREP data is a map-based, open data online platform that allows users to access and visualize spatial data reflecting past and future climate, as well as the physical and socioeconomic landscape for climate adaptation and resilience planning. The platform is continuing to evolve through the input of PREP partners and PREP data users. It is a flexible tool for climate adaptation planning, designed to address many of the gaps and challenges adaptation practitioners face.

PREP has begun working with partners at city, state, and national scales across the globe to put the platform to use in support of efforts to prepare for climate change.

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